Make your HTS campaign about obtaining information, not just data.

Accelerate your drug discovery programs by improving the quality of your high throughput screening (HTS) campaigns. MS2 Array's proprietary high-throughput mass spectrometry (HT-MS) technology transforms HTS by elevating it from data accumulation to information gathering.


MS2 Array HTS Assays

Mass Spectrometry Readout

Information Rich Definitive Signal

Describes Exact Location, Extent and Type of Molecular Event That Occurred

Traditional HTS Assays

Light-Based Readout

Information Poor Indicative Signal

Indicates a Molecular Event Occurred


Compared to traditional light-based assay methods MS2 Array provides these benefits:


Greater Information Richness


Lower False Signal Rates


Greater Physiological Relevance


Lower Cost

By increasing the quality of HTS output MS2 Array allows your drug discovery teams to identify and confirm higher quality hits faster, with greater confidence, and at lower cost and effort resulting in actionable information earlier in the discovery process.