Marvin S. Yu, Ph.D., MS2 Array CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Yu brings both large pharmaceutical company and small chemical technology company experience to MS2 Array. Prior to founding MS2 Array he served as Vice-President of Technology at Fluorous Technologies, Inc.(FTI) where he conceived and developed the MS2 Array technology concept along with developing other fundamental concepts of fluorous partitioning. Prior to joining FTI he was a Team Manager at GlaxoSmithKline. He has a proven track record of scientific and business accomplishments including being principal investigator on 4 NIH SBIR grants.

Advisory Board

Philip E. Yeske, Ph.D. MS2 Array Co-Founder

Dr. Yeske provides both technical and entrepreneurial experience to MS2 Array as Co-Founder and Advisory Board member. He is currently the Science & Alliance Officer of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation responsible for managing all scientific and business development efforts of the foundation related to the development of treatments and cures for mitochondrial disorders. Prior experience includes serving as President & CEO of Fluorous Technologies, Inc. and 10 years at Bayer Corporation where he progressed from basic research to global account management.

Angela Koehler, Ph.D.

Dr. Koehler is currently the Karl Van Tassel Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT and an intramural member of the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. She serves as Faculty Co-Director of the High-Throughput Sciences Facility in the Swanson Biotechnology Center at the Koch Institute and serves on the Chemists in Cancer Research steering committee for the American Association for Cancer Research. Honors include being named a Genome Technology Young Investigator and a Merkin Institute Fellow. She is also an Associate Member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She provides MS2 Array with expertise in epigenetics, array technologies, and current trends within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors in addition to her knowledge of the Boston life sciences environment.


Dietrich Stephan, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephan is currently Chairman of the Human Genetics Dept at the University of Pittsburgh and Associate Director for Population Genetics and Translational Acceleration at the Institute for Personalized Medicine of UPMC & University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences. He is a highly successful entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded five separate companies including Navigenics and Silicon Valley Biosystems and brings to MS2 Array a proven record of translating research into commercial ventures. Dr. Stephan also served as Chairman of the NIH Neuroscience Microarray Consortium for seven years and serves on the board of several life sciences startups including as Board Chairman for Peptilogics, Inc.