MS2 Array's proprietary HT-MS technology is based on the unique properties of perfluorocarbon molecules known as fluorous partitioning. By applying fluorous partitioning as a capture surface analytes of interest are selectively captured, retained, and enriched on a MALDI target. These analytes are then directly ionized from the surface to a MS detector. Standard MALDI-MS methods do not have selective analyte enrichment capabilities which limits sensitivity, reproducibility, and the ability to use biological samples.
MS2 Array's fluorous partitioning based capture technology results in an unique combination of high-throughput, information richness, sensitivity, and biological compatibility with direct MS readout.

Features & Benefits

Mass Spectrometry Readout

  • Provides direct structural information
  • Detects substrates and products simultaneously
  • Eliminates fluorescent labels, antibodies, radioactive isotopes, or coupled reactions
  • Minimizes false signals


  • ~1 second/sample

On-Surface Analyte Capture

  • Simplifies sample preparation
  • Increases sensitivity

Bio-Orthogonal Enrichment Process

  • Allows use of complex biological samples, i.e. cell lysates and nuclear extracts
  • Increases physiological relevance of the screen

  • Lowers operational costs

Simple Capture Chemistries

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